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Angry Shark Online


Angry shark is a fun game in which you attack around like a shark. After you log in to the game, press play. Then you'll be a shark in the shallow sea. You can attack people above the sea. You can attack people who swim or ride a jet ski. You can even cross borders and jump out of the sea. You can attack people outside the sea. You can attack boats or ships above the sea and sink them. Use direction keys to move in or out of the sea. Use your chin with the space key and make you suffer as much as you can. Horror in the sky using your chin. You can catch and drop helicopters and planes in the sky. You can hit surrounding homes and knock them down. You'll win gold as you attack around. You'll grow as you win gold. The bigger you get, the more you attack the ground and win more gold. You have to be careful not to die doing these things. Because people will attack you. Besides, mines are waiting for you in the sea. you shouldn't get caught. If you get caught in mines or people attack too much, you're dead. Win as much gold as you can without dying and grow as much as you can. Angry shark is a pleasurable game played with sharks. Gather your courage and win as much gold as you can. You can jump higher as it grows. Earn money by attacking and advance in the game. If you die, start the game again and move as far as you can. Enjoy yourselves with a shark.


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