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Candy Crush


Once Upon a time, the growing demand for puzzle games with Tetris had declined considerably in recent times. The producers, seeing this as an opportunity, started to turn to new things and Candy Crush appeared. I want to warn you right now, if you are hungry, you might have trouble playing. Our main goal is to bring together at least three of the same colored sugars side by side or on top of each other and to reach the target score. You will discover new places on the section map, but you will have to cross them for that. I have some good news for you to find difficult. Combos! You need to put as much sugar together as you can to use them. That way you will get bombs and lightning, and they will help you a lot. You can earn extra points and pass episodes with three stars. I have another warning. If you cross-sections with fewer stars, you won't be able to move to new areas on the map. So using more combo will help you move forward. If you don't get what you want and something goes wrong, you can start over and fix everything. In this option, the levels you have already passed are not deleted, you just start over where you are. I suggest you use this tactic. People of all ages can play and enjoy it. Is there an age limit. Attention is addictive. Just start dragging the candies using your mouse.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows :

Does Candy Crush ever end?
- Manufacturer King continues to add new levels constantly. As long as it continues, The Candy Crush
Saga game is not complete. However, if the new level is not added and you have finished all the
existing levels, you will be temporarily completed. You can wait for new levels to be added and pick
up where you left off.

Can you play Candy Crush for free?
- Sure. It is possible to play Candy Crush Online for free through our site.

How can I get unlimited lives in Candy Crush?
1-you can change the date and time settings of your computer.
2-if you come out of the game and enter again after a while, your life will be full again.
3-return to the game and continue playing.


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