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I am sure you will love Ev io, which is a new game of unblocked shooting games. Forget all the games you've played before, except Krunker io of course. Because these two games are very similar to each other. There is almost no difference between these two games played online, but actually I found the Ev io game more successful in terms of gameplay. Then let me talk a little bit about the game.  Ev io unblocked allows you to fight people online. You have to be quick when firing your gun because it is quite difficult to survive as the players shoot both fast and well. You can change or even improve your weapons. When you die, do not think that the game is over because you can respawn in a random spot on the map within 5 seconds and continue the game. The aim in this game is to get more points by killing more players than your opponents. Then you must be wondering how to play.

How to play?

  • You can control your weapon and your travel with the mouse.
  • You can also move by using the arrow keys or the W A S D keys.
  • Space key allows you to jump.
  • You can reload your magazine by pressing the R key.


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