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God Rocket Scientist


God rocket scientist game is a fun doodle game to play using science and your mind. When you start the game, you will have basic elements. You must discover new elements by using these basic elements. You can make inventions with new elements you discover. You can develop technology and go into space and discover more items. God rocket science, a science game to play using your mouse. You can produce rockets and different weapons. All you have to do is find the right mix. You can find the right mix by using your mind or trying. You can develop science and philosophy and even create astronauts. Refer to the tip when you are confused. But the clue is in the limited number you must better use wisely. If you like new inventions and inventions this game is made for you. Start the game and enjoy discoveries. You are God and you are recreating the world from the beginning. Make the craziest combination you can think of and see what you discover as a result. Maybe you will make a discovery that's not in the world. Don't miss this game you will be wondering as you play. You can compare who is playing with your friends and who are exploring more. Enjoy solving puzzles with god rocket science. Remember to have fun. Maybe you will discover the fun by making the right mix.


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