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Papers IO Mania


For a long time, interest in io games has been great. At Yupijoy, we know you love io games. We have added Papers io Mania, the newest of Papers io games for you. This game is not only an io game but also a well-known arcade game. Then let me briefly give information about the game. When we start the game, we first determine our username and our favorite color. The game gives us a blue color for free, but if we want to buy other colors, it wants us to earn coins as we play the game and buy them with the coins we earn. When you choose a blue color and start, you will see a huge blank map and the players who play this game online. Our aim in this game is to become a leader by enlarging our field and to kill all our opponents by leaving them in our own field. You can use the arrow keys while playing this game, it is very simple. If you like thisĀ unblocked io game, you should browse the categories for more similar cool games.


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