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Road Of Rampage


You are playing road of rampage with unblocked shoot game. You have a car full of guns and with these weapons, you must kill your enemies. Enemies can come from the ground or the air. What you need to do is use your mouse to point and fire your weapons at enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more enemies will come. You can improve your weapons as you earn points and money. You can get new weapons. You can develop an auto-firing auxiliary rocket or get a new rocket. You can even buy new vehicles as you earn points and money. All you have to do is kill them before the enemies kill you. As the episode goes on you'll enjoy the game. With new weapons, you can shoot faster, hit harder. This allows you to earn more points. Their number and strength will increase as they defeat enemies. You have no place to run you have to fight them and win. You can get new weapons. You can even get a helicopter. You can win if you fight fast against your enemies. Enemies will accelerate as the episode goes on. You need to speed up or you're dead. Drive the car full of advanced weapons over your enemies and shot. That way you can kill your enemies. If you die, take the courage to grieve and start the game again. Make your weapons stronger and attack the enemies. Be careful not to die and have fun. Enjoy yourselves.


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