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Short Life


Welcome to the Short Life. In this game, you are controlling a ragdoll. In this fun physics game, join a unique adventure with ragdoll. Control your character with arrow keys but pay attention! This controls are not usual. Your character moves with physics. So, you have to keep balanced your character. Pass all levels and get all stars. Every level is full of traps. Dodge the traps by using your ragdoll character.


How to play


Start the game and control your character with arrow keys. First levels are basic. Watch out for various traps. That traps are spikes, arrows, mines and some moving obstacles. You can take damage but if you take too much, character dies and level ends. For an example, you can dodge some arrows by crouching. Sometimes you have to crawl to reach end. Sometimes you have to use objects to go through. Use ragdoll physics and obstacles. Pass the levels, earn stars and unlock new characters. You can play with different characters. All characters are in the shop. Complete all 16 levels and have fun.




Can I play Short Life on mobile?


Yes, you can download the Short Life on Google Play Store and AppStore. You can play on your Android and IOS device. Also, you can play the game on Steam!


Does Short Life include in app purchase?


No. You can access everything in the game free. There is no payment in the game.


Can I play Short Life online?


There is no online version of the Short Life. You can play single player all levels.



  • Unique gameplay and ragdoll mechanics in a platformer game
  • 16 unlockable levels
  • 6 unlockable characters
  • Every level designed different, and every level contains different traps
  • No advertisements in game
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Left and Right Arrow keys to move

Up Arrow key to jump

Down Arrow key to crouch

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