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Stickman Rusher


You will now have a lot of fun with a new series of Stickman Games. Yes I know you were expecting a new game. Then let me explain briefly after I said that this game will make you happy. You are in an endless run and you must try to survive during this run. You have to be ruthless to the enemies you encounter and destroy them. At the end, if you fight with the boss and win, you will get a good score by passing the levels. Thanks to the diamonds you collect in the game, you can increase your damage by strengthening your weapons. This will make it easier for you to survive. Let's see if you can get as many points as I do in Stickman Rusher. I also indicate my highest score, little friend. My best score is 1580 points.

How to play?

  • Since the game is already moving when the game starts, you can jump using the arrow keys and jump with the space key. You can use the mouse to attack and navigate the menus.


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