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Stickman vs Zombies


Stickman vs zombies is an unblocked survival game in which you survive and kill zombies. You have to kill the zombies that come upon you with the weapon you have. As you progress through the game, you need to kill more powerful zombies. You can buy yourself new weapons at the market store by taking the money you find on the way. New weapons are more powerful and make killing zombies easier. Small zombies are easier to kill, but big zombies can push you a little. There are a few other obstacles in the world that are being invaded by zombies. There may be some obstacles that reduce your life in the air or on the ground. You need to escape these obstacles. You can move your character with the direction keys. You can shoot and kill zombies with the space key. The important thing is to survive and fight bravely. Buy weapons from the convenience store at the end of the episode and fight more powerfully with zombies. Collect coins and upgrade your score as you kill zombies. You have to be quick and brave because as the game progresses, more zombies will come and they will be strong. Kill zombies without getting stuck in obstacles and make the world go from zombies. If you die don't worry start over and be faster. Kill zombies with stickman fighting zombies. Just use the arrow keys and the space key. Don't forget to kill zombies and have fun as the episode passes. If you're fast enough, you can kill all the zombies, but be careful not to die yourself. Enjoy yourselves.


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