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Tank game is a legendary war game that will take you back to the old days. You can play this game with one person or two people. When you start the game you will see a platform. And below you will see a protected eagle. Your goal in the game is to protect the eagle and survive. Enemy tanks will attack you. If you don't kill enemy tanks, they'll kill the eagle. Improve your tank with the improvements you will face during the game. Faster and more powerful attack by improving your tank. In this way, you can easily kill enemy tanks. You can get extra lives between enhancements. You must be quick to get improvements and kill enemies that come in front of you. Kill all enemy tanks and pass the division before you run out of lives. The legendary game will give you the pleasure of tank wars. If you want, you can change the game mode and fight your friend against enemies. This way you can pass sections more easily and advance more in the game. Drive your tank wisely and go short as you fight your tank. You can even boom brick walls with your tank and make your way. There is a different game mode. You can build your own platform and do tank battles there before you start the game. As the section goes, the platforms will become harder and the iron walls that are not damaged will come across you. If you want to play tank battles one way or have fun with your friend. Remember to have fun.


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