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Tetris Unblocked


You will go back to the fun old days with your childhood legend game Tetris unblocked. Tetris game used to be played on the game console beforehand. Now you can play from your computer or phone. You have to place the blocks that fall down from above properly. A sequence of blocks is deleted if you place the blocks in harmony with each other. And your goal in the game is to delete as many blocks as you can before the blocks reach the top. And of course to place more blocks. As the level rises, the blocks will accelerate. The difficulty will increase as blocks accelerate. If a block does not come the way you want, you can change its direction. But if a block is coming the way you want it and you can't wait, you can speed up the block. Sometimes you can speed up blocks by mistake. Keep your spirits up and keep playing Tetris. There are so many blocks to come and surely a block will come the way you want. Let's see I will give you a hint. You can see the shape of the piece that came on the right side of the game. And above him, you can see the shape of the piece that will come in the next round. By looking at these pieces you can play Tetris by planning the game and earn higher points. Enjoy block in gameplay with Unblocked Tetris, an old but legendary game. Earn as many points as you can and don't forget to have fun.


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