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Vex 3


Vex 3 is a challenging and fun platform game where you reach the finish by crossing obstacles. Move your character using the arrow keys and see the fantastic moves your character can make. Get rid of the traps that await or chase you using your skills. Vex 3 is an arcade game where you need to use your ability and speed together while playing. You can use your intelligence to escape the traps and finish it the short way. You have to be careful because short roads can be full of traps. ?f you don't bend or jump in time, the game is over. Because the traps can come from behind or against you. You may have to go through narrow places outside the traps. To do this, you can use your intelligence to run fast and slip through. You have to be talented to finish the vex, which is a pleasurable game with the speed of playing outside of all the action. You can easily pass through the first sections. Don't think the game is easy. The difficulty level and the number of traps will increase in the following sections. And as the difficulty increases, you have to be faster or you can't go through episodes. Just as in the Vex 4 game there are many episodes and thrills in this game. Don't be sad when you die because you can cross the section again. You can even pass a favorite part over and over again. And your goal is to get through the chapters before you die. You can finish the game by having fun in this stickman arcade game.


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