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Vex 5


We have released the last game of the Vex series, Vex 5, unblocked for you. In fact, the difference of this game from the previous series is that it has a more challenging map as well as better graphics. You have to overcome the obstacles and complete the maps and pass the chapters. If you have never played a vex game before, you have played the legendary game of the Arcade game category, Mario series. If you have played one of these two games that are very similar to each other, it will be very easy for you to finish this game.

How to play?


  • You have to use the arrow keys or W A S D to move.
  • To climb the walls, you can climb between two walls by doing it right and left quickly.
  • To reach the finish, you have to follow the direction arrows on the map. While doing this, be sure to pay attention to the purple blocks, if you stay on them too much, you will fall!
  • While playing the game, you must try to avoid the thorns and jump over them.
  • If you move by holding down the down arrow keys and the right-left arrow keys at the same time, you can slide through the dangers.

Now that you have learned how to play, I wish you success in this challenging game. We thank Agame, the producer of this game, for their productions and as the Yupijoy game family, we will always publish similar games for you.


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